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Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Glória or simply Catedral de Maringá 'Cathedral of Maringá' is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in downtown Maringá, Paraná, Brazil, reaching 124 m in height. It was completed in 1972 and is the tallest church in South America and the 16th tallest in the world. Architect José Augusto Bellucci was inspired by the Soviet sputnik satellites when he designed the cathedral's modernist, conical shape. The design was idealized by the archbishop Dom Jaime Luiz Coelho. The word poustinik assigns a person dwelling in a poustinia, that is, someone who move away from the material world to be closer to God. The foundation stone, a piece of marble from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome blessed by Pope Pius XII, was laid on August 15, 1958. The church was built between July 1959 and May 10, 1972, the 25th birthday of the city.

Italian studio Disguincio & Co has produced a concept for a spiral staircase with steps made from folds of fibreglass. The Folio Staircase by Pordenone-based practice Disguincio & Co would comprise a repeated sequence of steps that slot into each other to make a spiral staircase. Each step is flexible and relatively weak, but when pieced together the whole staircase would become stable and robust, says designer Mirk Daneluzzo. The steps would be made from fibreglass reinforced with carbon fibre strips, although Daneluzzo hopes to utilise other materials in the future. "We are actually doing research to select environmentally sustainable solutions to have a natural fibre and bio-polymer-matrix composite," he told Dezeen. For the moment there is no working prototype of the staircase, only a small model. "We are working to make it as soon as possible, in collaboration with some producers," added Daneluzzo. We recently featured another concept for a spiral staircase using a single repeated element, this time based on a whale's backbone.

Saint Andrew is located in the centre of Guernsey and as such is the only parish on the island to be landlocked. The post code for addresses in this parish starts with GY6. Saint Andrew is located in the centre of the island and features hills and valleys. As it is customary to list the parishes round the coast, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, starting with St Peter Port, St Andrew is usually the last parish to be mentioned in such a list. This gave rise to the traditional nickname in Dgèrnésiais of the inhabitants of the parish: les croinchaons. St Andrews is the most expensive parish in Guernsey closey followed by St Pierre Du Bois and St Saviour. St. Andrews is split into two parts one boarding St Peter Port and one Boarding St Saviour and the Forest. The upper part of the parish where the church and the little chapel is situated is very rural.

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